The Healer

Bryan Gilpin's journey as a Healer began in the unlikeliest of places, the food court of a local shopping mall. "I had just sat down for some lunch when a woman began calling out for help. Her elderly Mother was unable to breathe. Nobody was responding to her pleas, so nervously, I ran over to them. The natural thought was to believe that she was choking on some food. This may have indeed been the case but I'm still not sure. This entire experience, that changed my life may have been a Divine Play designed to get me on the path that would follow. I've seen the Heimlich demonstrated before but I really didn't know enough about it to want to try to administer it and risk hurting her. What I did was ask God to help me to help her as I embraced her from behind, just simply holding her. At once, I felt a surge of energy flow into and through my very being, encompassing my entire body and all the sudden, the woman began to breathe again. After receiving lots of hugs, and thanks, I managed to return to my seat, restraining my tears all the way, and said my thanks to God, and then I tried to eat the rest of my lunch. I had been asking God to show me how I could make a difference in this world and contribute in a way that would be truly meaningful.

I believe this was God's answer to those prayers. Since that first healing experience, Bryan has devoted himself to walking in the Light and as an instrument of Source, to his development as an Intuitive Energy Healer. It is through Bryan's unconditional love and acceptance of all Creation, that those that receive his touch find in themselves the Divine Perfection that is each and every one of us."

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