"I met Bryan incidentally during a visit to a local health store where some friends invited Bryan to perform some Reiki on me as I have been suffering from Lyme disease and an meningioma brain tumor for the last 3 years... I had never heard of Reiki and the thought of this strange sounding procedure that a stranger I had never met was going to perform was a little daunting…….still not sure what he was going to do and anticipating some needles being pulled out of his pocket only to find the most gentle man laying his hands upon me…….I was immediately taken back by the heat that emanated from his hands and having closed my eyes for 38 years and only seeing black was astonished at the colors that I saw, blues and pink and wonderful gold light that seemed to fill my whole being!.......After my brief session, I felt a sense of peace that I do not think I had ever experienced to that point of my life…….enthralled by the fact that in this day and age there are still people willing to take time to feel compassion and love for fellow human beings and take time to do something selfless. Still not putting too much thought in the whole process, I moved on with my day. A usual day consists of coffee, breakfast and a multitude of pills including narcotic pain medication to ease the pain of my joints and muscles along with chronic fatigue. This had been my routine for the last 3 years. To my astonishment, it was past 1:00 pm before I realized I had not taken any medication. The swelling and stiffness in my hands had diminished. I bent my knees and kneeled on the ground to change the baby and got right back up without hanging on the table wincing with pain! I really had energy! I made a point to call the stranger who had been the only different thing that had happened to me in the last 3 years and asked him what on earth he did? I thanked him and God for showing me a possible way for healing and made appointments to continue. It is when you have no expectations and so pleasantly surprised that I think the real joy and reality of the gift that Bryan has is realized…….It is without hesitation that I recommend Bryan, knowing undoubtedly that if open to the possibilities, anyone that has the good fortune to be worked on by this man will find their life will change for the better. It is a blessing to have met Bryan."

- C. Thomas

"You know, I never realized how overwhelming it could be, putting my feelings and my thoughts down for one to read. Bryan, you are truly a blessing and a gift to me. But more than that, you are a gift, be it here at the Center, our Virginia Beach community or our worldly community. Your compassion and unwaivering belief in the power of Spirit and healing is what makes you one of the most powerful healers I have known. Your commitment to yourself and the betterment of every individual who comes along your path is inspiring. Being on your table and safe in your space is an experience I wish for everyone. The value I feel for you is unmeasurable. I am grateful for your presence in my life and all that you have shared with me. It is truly a pleasure to walk beside you as you journey. May you continue to bring peace and blessings to all."

- Trine'

"There are two qualities I find essential in those I walk with on my own personal quest to become a better spiritual being, sincerity and acceptance. Over the past couple of years I have worked with Bryan as a peer, received healings from him, and have shared my own questions behind life. What Bryan has offered to me in return has unfailingly been support laced with love and encouragement."

- C. Smith

"Throughout my 20 years as a professional body worker, I've received energy sessions from numerous practitioners. Bryan's Reiki/BioGenesis session was one of the most dramatic and powerful energy sessions I've ever experienced. I definitely felt energy blocks released from my physical body as well as my auric field. I completely understand how this work can facilitate healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. I can wholeheartedly recommend Bryan's work to client's seeking profound healing experiences."

- Emily Wells, CMT
Director, Wells Therapeutics, Inc.
Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center

"I highly recommend Bryan's Reiki/BioGenesis treatment for anyone who wishes to experience renewed peace and wellbeing. Bryan's gentle, loving nature provides a beautiful space for health and healing to naturally occur and leaves one feeling balanced and relaxed."

- Carylanne LE, CHT, SC

"Bryan's gentle touch shines through every aspect of his healing modalities. His gifts will aid in your healing and enhance your enjoyment of life."

- Cindy

"So nice to get your email. I am still enjoying the result of my session with you and your co-workers, and am delighted to be feeling so much better. I don't understand it and I don't question it. Am just enjoying the result and wanted to thank you.

Hopefully I can return at a future date and would indeed appreciate another encounter with your special talent [gift, expertise, healing touch]. I must admit, you might have had a little help, as I prayed for God to use you as his instrument and touch me, using you as His conduit. However it happened I am grateful to you, as it was through your efforts that it happened. Thank you Bryan."

- Peggy Miceli

"Just a short post script to let you know what happened today. I went for my usual monthly doctor's appointment with the Macular Degeneration specialist whom I have been seeing for the past 5 years. I go monthly to get an injection in my eyeball [no fun I can assure you] in an attempt to prevent blindness which is the usual outcome. The possibility of going blind terrifies me, so I do what has to be done.

Today for the first time since I was diagnosed five years ago, the doctor said I am in remission. He gave me the injection anyway to maintain my remission status. The point of me telling you this, is to emphasize the improvement I experienced almost immediately after my session with you last Sunday, was confirmed by the doctor today. The examination today revealed my vision to be 20/25, and the condition well under control.

I had the need to share this good news with someone, and you seem to be the right someone. Rejoice with me !!!"

- Peggy

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